HIKER Watch & Phone App

My app will allow users to discover hikes on their phone or computer which will sync to their smart watch. During the duration of the hike, the smart watch will record the user’s fitness data and display relevant real-time data/information. The user can go in-depth all the data by using their phone app.

My phone app allows the user to login to their account which is synced to their wta.org account. Here, they can browse hikes on their phone in numerous ways: popularity, difficulty, location, attractions, recommendation. The menu bar has the user’s “backpack,” which includes all their saved hikes (where they want to go and where they have already been), fitness settings (to set target heart rate, times, etc), analytics (to view your fitness data summary or from specific hikes), settings, and the user’s profile (password, security, notifications, etc.).

My watch app will allow the user to pick the hike they are about to go on, get an overview of the hike, then press start to start tracking their data as they hike. The app will show the user how many miles they have hiked out of the total distance as well as their elevation gain out of the total elevation gain. It will display the user’s current heart rate compared to their target heart rate (if previously entered in). As the user hikes, the watch will notify the user if they should drink more water (based on skin conductance sensor), notify the user if their target heart rate is reached (heart rate monitor), notify the user if they have reached a fork in the path and give them more information, and notify the user when they have reached their destination and give them an overview of their workout. Now, this data is synced to the user’s phone for viewing and keeping record.

I used the sliding method to switch between screens. I used tagboard to make the main screen frames. I made the prototype with a set task list in mind so I did not have to make all of the possible screens.

User Testing
My participant thought that it was a very good idea and that most of the features are useful. Some of the suggestions they had for improvement are:

  1. Make the information visualizations more meaningful.
  2. Change the pause and start button to make more sense. The user has already started their hike so why is there another “start” button if they haven’t paused yet.
  3. Notify the user when they go over their target heart rate.
  4. Add a “time elapsed” feature.


In-class Critique
From the in-class critique I found that it would be useful to add a location feature to let family members know you are safe.

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