Lasercut Phone Camera Stand

I wanted to make a phone stand that would be able to record my workshop from a top-down angle. This would be used to do prototype demonstrations or a time lapse video of my sketching process. 

My first iteration of my design involved two main arches, four base pieces, and one platform for the phone to rest on top of as shown in my sketch. I had many pieces that were joined together using slits on both pieces. However, the slit width I chose was too tight and the location was too close to the edge of the chipboard which caused that piece to snap off. It would have been useful to know the right slit width to begin with. Also this design was not very stable for the material that I had.



In my second iteration of my stand, I decided to join the two arches at the bottom in a different way as shown below. I also added extra structures to insert on the sides of the arches to increase the durability. This made the structure a lot more stable and I did not have to deal with pieces bending or snapping off. I also added a middle section to the phone platform for extra strength and also because there only needed to be cuts for where the camera was on the phone.




Although my second iteration of my design was a lot more stable than my first, it was still a little wobbly. If I were to make a third iteration of this design I would either make it out of thicker material, or I would make more extra strength structures on the sides of the arches.

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