Final Project: Hiker

Concept The idea of this application comes from my first assignment for this class, a mobile and watch companion application for hikers, which you can read more about here. For my final project, I worked with one other classmate to iterate on this concept. The phone application is a hikers workout companion. It will allow them to view their […]

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Axure Prototype Link Design The design for this application is for my capstone project, where my team is making an application for the airport. Our main features are a map page, flight status page, featured page, shop page, eat page, and more page. This application will allow users to always know how much time they have […]


DUB Website Wireframe

Live Axure Share Link About Dub is a community at the University of Washington made up of Human Centered Design & Engineering, the Design School, Informatics, and Computer Science & Engineering. Dubs offers weekly seminars featuring various professors from each department discussing a different topic each week. The Dub website is this community’s main source […]

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Lyft Demo Video

Scenario It is a sunny day and Justin wants to leave the house and do something fun. He grabs his keys and goes to his car in the garage. However, he soon realizes that his car is gone – probably a family member took it for the day. He goes to the bus stop and […]

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3D Object Prototype

I decided to make the Companion Cube from the video game, Portal. I wanted to make this as a keychain and also write HCDE on it. I made my design on Rhino and looked at an image of the Companion Cube on Google Images.  Reflection What I Enjoyed I liked that we had the freedom to […]

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Lasercut Phone Camera Stand

I wanted to make a phone stand that would be able to record my workshop from a top-down angle. This would be used to do prototype demonstrations or a time lapse video of my sketching process.  Design My first iteration of my design involved two main arches, four base pieces, and one platform for the phone to […]

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Blender Model Prototype

I decided to make a prototype of an immersion blender design. I chose this because this device is something I would be most likely to use myself. Design OXO is known for their universal design that is comfortable and easy to use. After looking at their website and browsing through their products, I saw that their […]

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HIKER Watch & Phone App

My app will allow users to discover hikes on their phone or computer which will sync to their smart watch. During the duration of the hike, the smart watch will record the user’s fitness data and display relevant real-time data/information. The user can go in-depth all the data by using their phone app. Design My […]

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